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      2021/06/03/ Hebei Juying Hoisting Machinery Co.,Ltd Welcome to your visit!

      Improve quality, speed up overall renovation and upgrading of tooling and wiring
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      Recently, in order to further improve the assembly quality and speed up the assembly, the Ministry of technology has carried out the overall transformation and upgrading of the assembly workshop, assembly lifting equipment, the reasonable division of the assembly space of each station.
      Assembly shop is the important process of converting production data into products. In order to improve the efficiency of production line, the balance of production line is very important. The purpose of the production line balancing is to maximize the load on each workstation (i.e., the sum of all operating hours on the workstation) to avoid accumulation of some workstation products due to a large difference in hours.
      After the completion of the transformation of the new assembly line, short chain electric hoist hook between two vehicle handover distance, successfully avoids the workshop handover difficult problem, reduce the station assembly time, while promoting the balance of the whole production assembly lines, while improving the lifting line vehicle weight limit, so before lifting the frame and engine parts more easily.