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      2021/06/03/ Hebei Juying Hoisting Machinery Co.,Ltd Welcome to your visit!

      Ea-a round sling
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      The characteristics of the ea-a blood hunting round sling:

      1. Specially suitable for hoisting of circular objects.

      2. The flexible high-strength polyester industrial filament sling has the anti-wear sheath made of polyester material. The protective sleeve has a marked and approved marking and tonnage stripes. The sheath is only protective.

      3. The carrying core is non-connector, high-strength polyester fiber rope, and the parallel arrangement of polyester fiber rope 

      plays host role.

      4. Flexible high-strength polyester industrial filament sling for international standard color hoisting belt, bearing marked.

      5. The hoisting belt is evenly distributed, so that the working life of the hoisting belt is extended.

      6. Light and soft, and can be used in small Spaces.

      7. Comply with European standard en1492-2000 and China industry standard JB/t8521-2007.