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      2021/06/03/ Hebei Juying Hoisting Machinery Co.,Ltd Welcome to your visit!

      EB webbing sling
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      Eb-type flat lifting belt features:

      1. Maximum load of wear and tear belt: 0-50 tons, length range: 1-100 meters, which can be determined according to

      customer's requirements.

      2. Wear and tear suspenders are made from 100% pes through the preparation of stitching. And both ends of the

      hoisting can be used to enhance the strength by reinforcing the eye or metal parts.

      3. The wearing belt is made of loom at one time and is processed with different stitching methods. It is divided into

      two layers and four layers.

      4. The standard tonnage of wear and tear can be distinguished from the color of color, and can be distinguished

      according to different widths. When hoisting operation, able to provide a broad, smooth surface of the bearing,

      the hoisting with soft objects on the surface, especially for since there is no contact of the metal, for suspended

      substance obtained with spray paint surface damage is slight.

      5. Wear resistance condole belt for wear and damage has a higher protective, used in general hoisting JB - B

      resistance to wear condole belt, because the superiority of the lifting belt, can make its have wanted to be a

      long service life.

      6. Resistance to wear condole belt is not conductive, no contact with danger, using temperature range to

      40 ℃ to 100 ℃. Elastic elongation at 7 %.

      7. The wear and tear belt conforms to the European en1492-1:20 and China industry standard JB/t8521-2007.