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      Ratchet tie down
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      The width of the bundle is 25MM -- 100MM, length 1M -- 30 meters, complete specifications, can be customized.

      Product introduction: bind belt, quality, product USES the high strength polyester yarn sewing and become, strong tension, can

      achieve 5 t pull under single use only, this product is a good helper of car bound warehouse cargo lashing.

      Bind belt is also called the cargo lashing belt, is the use of the goods transportation, mobile, shipment or storage of fixed function,

      they have the lock, will not fall off, safe and reliable, portable, easy to operate, protect the object from damage. It can be applied

      to different kinds of environment according to different hook type. Also known as bundling, fastener, fastening belt, binding belt.


      1. Save time and effort, this product is to allocate a thousand jins of potential, one person operation can make the bundle to

      produce huge binding force, bind the fast, Safe and durable. 

      3. Easy operation, instant binding, no shedding, easy to loosen, easy to operate, easy to recycle, no space.

      4. No damaged goods. This product is made of polyester fabric with flat woven ribbon. The force points are scattered, soft

      and never damaged goods. ?? Fixed function in goods transport, movement, shipping or warehousing. They have lock, not

      fall off, safe and reliable, light, easy to operate, protect the object from damage.