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      Permanent magnetic lifer
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      Permanent magnet hoist also known as permanent magnet, magnetic lifting, lifting magnet, permanent magnet, etc. 

       It has small volume, stronger suction force, no electricity, and the residual magnetism is almost zero, and the safety 

      factor is high.

      The permanent magnet jack is suitable for handling steel plates, iron bars and columns. Such as mechanical parts, 

      punch moulds and all kinds of steel materials. This kind of permanent magnet jack is a no-power lifting equipment. 

      It is advanced in the structure of the permanent magnet, which is produced according to export standards, and 

      its quality is advanced to the international level.

      1. Using the computer simulation magnetic circuit design, the magnetic field distribution is reasonable, and the 

      depth of magnetic permeability is large.

      2. In addition to the simplified iron body, no excitation power supply and no cooling system are required.

      3. Simple operation and safe operation.

      4. Various technical indexes meet to standard JB/T8711-1998 commonly used models: 0.1 tons, 0.2 tons, 0.4 tons, 

      0.6 tons and 1 ton and 1.5 ton, 2 tons, 3 tons, 5 tons, 6 tons, 10 tons of product performance: permanent magnet 

      jack/magnetic crane with high performance magnetic materials production, smaller volume, lighter weight, suction is 

      bigger. Unique magnetic circuit design, the residual magnetism is almost zero. The safety factor is high and the 

      maximum pulling force is 3.5 times that of the rated one. The handle switch is attached with safety button, which 

       can be operated with single hand and is safe and convenient.